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Morristown, NJ

Our Philosophy


 “The worst thing about a root canal ......... is needing one!”

Our office takes pride in providing you with the highest level of patient care, from the moment you initiate contact with us, through the completion of treatment and follow-up. We have more than 25 years of experience in our field of expertise, and we utilize this to provide you with not only state-of-the-art care, but also a respectful, warm, reassuring and professional environment. Your comfort throughout all phases of treatment is our prime concern.
It is important to us that every patient receives a methodical examination and diagnosis.  This thorough analysis is done in order to ascertain whether or not Endodontic treatment is indicated in your case.  Once a diagnosis is made, we believe in explaining and discussing all options and alternatives, so that you have ample opportunity to ask questions and make an informed decision regarding your care.
Our Promise

 As a patient in our office, you will receive the best quality Endodontic care available, provided by a caring and experienced team of professionals, with a proven track record of success!

About Dr. Davich

Dr. Davich has been practicing Endodontics in Morristown since 1982.  He is an active member of the attending staff of Morristown Memorial Hospital and Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.  Dr. Davich is also a member of the Medical Executive Committee of Morristown Memorial Hospital.

A past president of the Tri-County Dental Society and the New Jersey Association of Endodontists, Dr. Davich is also the Endodontic Peer Review Consultant to the New Jersey Dental Association and has been an ethics facilitator at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  He has consistently been named by his peers and New Jersey Monthly magazine as one of New Jersey's Top Dentists.

On the national and international level, Dr. Davich has been elected to fellowship in both the International College of Dentists (FICD) and the American College of Dentists (FACD).  He is a specialist member of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) and has served on its Board of Directors from 2002-2005, and as its Treasurer from 2007-2009.  Dr. Davich has also contributed to the organization in varying capacities including the Strategic Planning Committee, the Implant Task Force and the Corporate Relations Committee.  He has lectured and written extensively on clinical endodontic practice and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Panel of the Journal of Endodontics.

Dr. Davich is an honors graduate of the Bronx High School of Science, Union College and the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.  His post-doctoral education includes a two-year General Practice Residency at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, New York, followed by an additional, two-year post graduate Certificate in Endodontics from the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington, Connecticut.

Recipient of the 2011 “Dr. George Feldman Award for Endodontic Excellence”

The New Jersey Association of Endodontists and District II of the AAE established the Dr. George Feldman Memorial Foundation to honor the memory of Dr. George Feldman, a man who touched the lives of his endodontic residents, dental students, endodontic colleagues and many dental professionals throughout the metropolitan area.  His dedication to his family, profession, friends and faith were an inspiration to all.

This Award recognizes an individual who has:

* Demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication and selfless commitment to Endodontics.
* Demonstrated extraordinary pedagogical talent, inspirational capacity and commitment of endodontic education
* Demonstrated outstanding clinical endodontic skills, endodontic scholarship, participated in significant endodontic research or authored/coauthored a published endodontic article of significance.
NJ MonthlyTop Dentist 2017

For more than three decades, Dr. Mitchell Davich has pioneered advances in endodontics and consistently delivered quality outcomes with a patient-centered approach. His peers have honored him as a New Jersey Monthly Top Dentist every year since the list's inception.


Dr. Davich takes a long-term outlook toward tooth preservation, strategically avoiding procedures that can weaken a tooth.  He empowers patients to actively participate in treatment decisions by discussing all options, including “no treatment.” His general dentistry background enables him to envision restorative demands and assess long-term outcomes. His ability to “speak the same language” as his referring doctors serves to enhance the coordinated treatment planning decisions that are made for each and every patient.


Cutting edge research and scholarship are high priorities.  Dr. Davich is an industry thought leader and early adopter of advancing technologies, including the surgical operating microscope, 2D and 3D diagnostic imaging and image guided treatment. He has published many articles in well-respected dental journals and co-authored a chapter in Best Practices in Endodontics (Quintessence Books 2015).  He was appointed to the scientific advisory panel of the Journal of Endodontics in 2004, and has peer reviewed numerous articles for this respected publication.


Dr. Davich has served as president of the Tri-County Dental Society and New Jersey Association of Endodontists, as well as treasurer and trustee of the American Association of Endodontists. He is a founding member of the International Academy of Endodontics.  He is a recipient of the AAE District II George Feldman Award for Excellence in Endodontics.


Excellent patient care is only one of Dr. Davich’s passions.  He enjoys giving back to his profession by teaching endodontics, treatment planning and ethics to post-graduate dentists.  Since the establishment of his practice in New Jersey in 1982, Dr. Davich has taught and mentored young dentists at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Morristown Medical Center, where he also serves on the Medical Executive Committee.  


With this ethos of giving back and reflecting the personal values of his family, the Davich Family has endowed an annual scholarship at Bowdoin College for an undergraduate who inspires the best in others for the common good of fellow students and the college.


Dr. Davich is an honors graduate of the Bronx High School of Science, Union College and the University Of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.  His post-doctoral education includes a two-year General Practice Residency at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, New York, and two-year post graduate Certificate in Endodontics from the University of Connecticut Health Center.



Our Commitment


With more than 35 years of experience in the specialty of endodontics, our office takes immense pride in providing all patients with the highest level of clinical care delivered in a warm, respectful, reassuring and professional environment.  From the first contact through the completion of treatment and follow-up, patient comfort is our primary concern.



Diagnosis & Treatment


Prior to the initiation of any treatment, Dr. Davich conducts a thorough and methodical history and examination that will assess the need for treatment as well as the feasibility of the restoration that would be necessary.  It is vitally important to identify the correct source of the pain that the patient is experiencing so that the appropriate treatment is chosen.

Endodontic pain can often be difficult to localize.  The pain felt in one area of the mouth can be originating from a different location. In some cases radiographs can appear normal, yet a tooth may still require treatment as a result of clinical signs, symptoms, examination and tests. Conversely, some positive radiographic findings are subclinical and may not require treatment. In some cases, 2D radiographs may not be sufficient to assist in diagnosis and an additional 3D study (CBCT) may be needed. Our office has a low dose CT-Scan machine that can quickly and easily accomplish this diagnostic test without the need to go elsewhere for it.

This thorough analysis is done in order to ascertain whether or not Endodontic treatment is indicated and beneficial.  Rest assured, our patients participate fully in the decision to begin treatment.  If root canal treatment is not indicated, if the benefits of RCT are uncertain, or if the source of  discomfort cannot be fully localized, treatment is often deferred until the source of the discomfort is fully localized

Once it is determined that root canal treatment is appropriate and you have chosen to move forward with it,  Dr. Davich will perform this procedure in a manner that will reassure and calm the most anxious patient.  His motto “The worst thing about a root canal… is needing one” becomes very clear. Dr. Davich’s patients consistently remark on how “easy and painless” their experiences have been.  




We view outcomes as patient centered and long term. An asymptomatic and functional tooth is the primary goal.

Sometimes this can be accomplished by deferring therapy until a treatment threshold is reached. In other instances immediate treatment may be chosen.  There may be instances where the long term prognosis might be guarded and options may be limited. Rest assured that in all cases, Dr. Davich provides his patients with the information needed, the available options and the opportunity to ask questions in order to assist them in making an independent, informed decision regarding their care.