During Your Treatment

  • If needed a local anesthetic will be given.  A sheet of latex called the "rubber dam" (we've got non-latex ones too) will be placed around the tooth to isolate it, hence keeping it clean and dry during treatment.  The treatment consists of three or four basic steps, but the number of visits will depend on your particular case. Some treatments take 2 visits but many are just a single visit.  Occasionally 3 appointments are needed.
  • In any case, your specific treatment plan will be determined by the degree of infection/inflammation and treatment difficulty.  We believe it is more important to provide you with the optimum level of care rather than restrict your treatment to a predetermined schedule.
  • While there are no absolute guarantees, teeth treated under optimal circumstances have a success rate well above ninety percent.  In order to help you make an informed decision, we will discuss with you the chances for success before any endodontic procedure is performed.